Each of us should place value on intellectual and personal achievement, accept diversity of thought, support leadership development and service to community. Each of us should feel a special connection as a valued member of the community of educationists. Under the promising leadership, LIAQUAT COLLEGE of MANAGEMENT & SCIENCES is focused on excellence, data-driven decision-making, professionalism, innovation and responses to opportunities that advance the mission of the College.

Regardless of whether faculty members are teaching in a traditional, on-line, or hybrid format, or in the laboratory, we must encourage them to continue to provide challenging and innovative instruction to students and I believe LIAQUAT COLLEGE of MANAGEMENT & SCIENCES excels in it. I believe that students are at the core of what we do and that quality teaching is the foundation of higher education.

Over the years, LIAQUAT COLLEGE of MANAGEMENT & SCIENCES has demonstrated a commitment to the continued professional development of faculty.

I am looking forward to getting to know about further success of LIAQUAT COLLEGE of MANAGEMENT & SCIENCES. I hope that the new academic year will bring about progress and prosperity for our country and this we could achieve by serving the nation.

Anwar Ahmed Zai
Chairman Board of Intertmediate
Education Karachi