I have come know that when a student joins Liaquat College of Management & Sciences, the College Management wants him/her to be an important part of a wide community that sets high standards in academic work, care and respect. I am sure that Liaquat College of Management & Sciences is a place where all segments of our society are valued.

I feel Liaquat College of Management & Sciences must be using every opportunity to improve the quality of the students' learning experience and LCMS must aim to create an atmosphere where a student will matter and achieve to the best of his/her potential. It is good to know that LCMS has got facilities that are second to none and which give a huge range of opportunities to every student to succeed. I am delighted to know that LCMS provides a wide ranging curriculum and aims to create the best conditions possible for students to achieve their academic, social and personal potential.

Clear and open leadership is firmly established throughout the academic life of a student. and for that I am sure, LCMS must be focused on achievement. An outstanding reputation in co~curricular activities including sports means that students get many opportunities to develop their expressive side and they have plenty of chances to develop their interests outside classrooms. It is good to know that LCMS wants students to develop their creative and expressive potential and to waken their awareness of the various dimensions.

1 hope that I have painted a picture of LCMS where opportunities abound for everyone.

Syed Qaim Ali Shah
Chief Minister, Sindh