Technology and electronic communication has led to a new era of learning and knowledge. The latest advancement in IT has not only innovated communication technology but has also expanded the possibilities because of which knowledge transfer can take place. We are in the midst of witnessing a sudden change in global economy and, particularly in its sector closely associated with computing, information technology, and quality education.

Liaquat College of Management & Sciences offers quality education necessary for the prosperity of our nation today and in the days to come.

Collaboration between the industry and the academic sector is need of the hour. It is nice to see that there is collaboration of Liaquat College of Management & Sciences with the industry.

The students of the College have the opportunity to develop a real life on industrial based projects. As a result, they understand the real career opportunities which are extensive and varied all over the world. There is a world shortage of capable professionals. Liaquat College of Management & Sciences has potential to capitalize this opportunity. Only the competent professionals will achieve this opportunity and the College is capable enough to produce such professionals.

Dr. Ishrat-ul-Ebad Khan
Governor Sindh